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Professionals and managers in the public sector face particularly tough challenges in these digital times: Their expertise is essential if we want to modernise the state and its administration. Knowledge and know-how are therefore fundamental drivers when it comes to making the public sector fit for the future and resilient to crises.

We, the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law, are an international network of knowledge that offers seminars and conferences to support public service employees in mastering challenges in their daily work as well as the transformation processes they face. We take a hands-on approach to providing high-quality knowledge, for example on amendments to the law, the digitalisation of the administrative sector and topics related to new work and cutting edge communication.

We have developed into a powerful knowledge community that engages over 1,000 lecturers and attracts more than 3,000 participants a year. You too can become part of this community, benefit from outstanding expert knowledge and contribute to a modern, digital and citizen-friendly administration.

  • Current topics, hands-on seminars
  • Flexible formats
  • Focused professional development
  • Large community
  • Exchange and connectivity
Expert Panel: Current and Future ESI Funds Challenges and Opportunities

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

Relive the Excitement: Take a Look at the Best Photos from Our EU Funds Conference!

The European Funds Symposium was held from March 27th to March 29th, 2023, and we were thrilled to welcome over 40 participants to our 17th Annual…

A hydrogen pipeline to homes that replaces natural gas in private households.

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

EU funding from the RRF: “Perseverance is what’s needed”

The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) sets Europe on a path to the future. However, anyone wanting to take advantage of such EU funding will need…

Renewable electricity from the sun and wind becomes climate-neutral hydrogen

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

Climate action and digitalisation: The EU’s RRF fund makes Europe more crisis-proof

The EU Member States are having to overcome many hurdles on route to the future, especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Development…

View of the new buildings in the Munich district of Neuperlach

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

New European Bauhaus: Ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive

The neighbourhoods of tomorrow are sustainable, aesthetic and creative. They connect people instead of dividing them. This is the idea behind the…

European Parliament and EU Flags

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

It’s not rocket science: finding, applying for and receiving EU funding

A smarter, greener, more social Europe. That’s the goal of dozens of funding opportunities arising from the European Structural and Investment Funds…

EU flags

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

How to implement the New Operational Programmes succesfully

The new 2021-27 programming period has started and brings many innovations in terms of the shared management of ESI funds. There are new, more…

Symbolbild: Ein EU-Fahne im Hintergrund. Vor ihr einige Bündel 100-Euro-Scheine

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

ESIF & ERDF: Streamlining the funding process with simplified cost options

The Common Provisions Regulation of the European Structural Funds defines, inter alia, accounting and control procedures for funded projects. In…

Pelješac Brigde in Croatia

Europäische Struktur- und Investitionsfonds

Co-financed by the EU and built by China: Croatia’s new bridge

The Pelješac Bridge, one of the largest EU-funded projects, was inaugurated in Croatia in July 2022. The EU contributed EUR 357 million to the…

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