The European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law We are enthusiastic about learning
and knowledge exchange.

When we speak about learning, we highlight the acquisition of new subject knowledge. Subject knowledge that is so uniquely practice-oriented and beneficial that it enables learners to decisively further the development of the institutions in which they work.

For this knowledge exchange, we bring highly qualified experts together with specialists from across the world.

As architects of an international network of experts, we provide a dynamic space in which innovative ideas and solutions can arise.

When, following our seminars, participants return home with a suitcase brimming with new ideas, we are happy to have made a meaningful impact.

We are an independent institution operating at the national, supranational and international level. We are passionate about the public sector, whose members our further education programmes train at the absolute premium-class level.

Whether a conference, masterclass, intensive training or a seminar with parallel occurring streams in two languages – through a choice of diverse further education formats each participant has the opportunity to find the most suitable fit for their particular requirements.

We think that there is nothing more valuable than receiving a spectrum of perspectives from experts from across the entire world. For example, how a university communications manager disseminates academic subject matters or how national and international organisations worldwide modernise their work processes.

It is this global character that makes us so passionate about our knowledge network.

With name badges citing the names of top world-ranking institutions, our experts come together from different countries to the global metropolis of Berlin. It is these diverse practice backgrounds and expertise subject areas underscored with a clear commonality in dynamic engagement, inspiration and love of sharing expert knowledge that makes our events so distinctive and productive.

We have a clear vision: to be able to look back in 30 years and see that our further education programmes have made a substantial contribution to the transformation of public institutions.

Because we are aware that it is the people of the communities, cities and regions who benefit significantly from well-organised and fast-working institutions, this vision drives our entire team. By designing and delivering high-quality continuing education courses and through the continual expansion of our network of experts, we want to realise this vision.

„I am always excited when I see what a great atmosphere is present during our seminars! There are discussions, questions, reflection and analysis taking place. There are people who are keen to learn new things, to further educate themselves and who are passionate about change and development. It makes me proud that every week our team and our experts succeed in making this spirit of innovation be felt within every single seminar room anew.“

Christoph Brauner, CEO