Become an absolute expert in your field. Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses give you the opportunity to engage in training across a variety of disciplines. Seminars can be chosen according to your individual professional interests as well as personal time availability. All seminars are followed by a participant’s knowledge test, which, upon successful completion, leads to the award of a certificate of the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law.


"Management in EU Funds"

Do you work in the field of EU Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and would like to know more about management issues? If so, the Masterclass Management in EU Funds is tailor-made for you. Unique in Europe, this course combines all important pillars of EU Structural and Investment Funds knowledge, from Policies and Regulations to Project Management issues, as well Financial Control matters.
Become an expert with the Masterclass Management in EU-Funds and enhance your professional competence. This unique European qualification will increase both your knowledge and your professional work-flow in the field of EU Funds.


"Audit in the Public Sector"

As a public auditor, you are operating in a complex professional field. Your challenge is to minimise risk to your organisation and determine whether adequate controls are in place and regulations are obeyed. This becomes especially demanding in organisations which operate in several or even many different countries and engage with a multitude of stakeholders.

The unique Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector provides you with in-depth knowledge of audits in the public sector. It aims to thoroughly prepare you for your everyday work. Benefit from a wide choice of topics highly relevant to your professional field as well as knowledge exchange with experienced audit practitioners from leading public and international organisations. Take advantage of this specialised specialised professional training to broaden your knowledge and acquire skills and competences for your work.