Masterclass Audit in Public Institutions and Administration

We are proud to announce the new “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector”, a unique professional training for all auditors in government, public and international institutions. Have you gathered first experience in the challenging and complex field of public sector audit? Then you fulfil the key admission requirement for the “Masterclass Audit in Public Institutions and Administration”. Join many successful graduates and advance your personal career.

As a public auditor, you are operating in a complex professional field. Your challenge is to minimise risk to your organisation and determine whether controls are in place and regulation are obeyed. However, this becomes especially demanding in organisations which operate in several or even many different countries and engage with a multitude of stakeholders.

Carrying out the especially difficult task of auditing in the public sector correctly is vital to ensure value for the tax payer’s or donor‘s money and that your organisation’s key results are achieved.

This unique Masterclass provides you with in-depth knowledge of audits in the public sector. It aims to thoroughly prepare you for your everyday work. Benefit from a wide choice of topics highly relevant to your professional field as well as knowledge exchange with experienced audit practitioners from leading public and international organisations. Use this unique advanced professional training to broaden your knowledge and acquire skills and competences for your work.

Your Benefits
  • Boost your career through this unique qualification in public audit
  • Benefit from a wide choice of topics tailored to your professional needs
  • Ensure a high level of skills of your staff members in your audit unit by investing in competence building through specialised trainings
  • Acquaint yourself with the latest legal changes and techniques in public audit
  • Make the most of your Masterclass by attending modules designed for specific sectors such as International Organisations, Higher Education or Development Cooperation
  • Check your expertise in Knowledge Checks
  • Plan your courses flexibly
  • Receive documentation of your successfully attended Masterclass seminars
  • Enjoy the international character of the courses and network with experienced peers and colleagues from around Europe and beyond
Admission Requirements
  • Relevant work experience in the field of audit in public sector, administration or government
  • Audit practitioners working in
    • International and Supranational Organisations
    • Ministries on national or regional level
    • Courts of Audit
    • Authorities responsible for EU Funds such as Managing Authorities, Audit Authorities, Certifying Authorities
    • Public Banks
    • Non-governmental Organisations / Non-profit Organisations
    • Regional Development Organisations
    • Public and private beneficiaries of EU funding
    • Consultancies working with and for the public sector
Masterclass Time Schedule

You can start any time you wish. The Masterclass programme starts with the date of the first Masterclass seminar you attend. It is recommended to successfully pass 6 further Masterclass seminars within 12 months in order to be awarded the “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector” Diploma.

Masterclass Modules

You need to attend 7 Masterclass seminars in total. In particular, you need to attend 3 compulsory Masterclass seminars. Additionally, you have to attend 4 optional Masterclass seminars. Each course consists of a maximum of 2 days.

You need to successfully pass the Knowledge Check, which will take place at the end of each Masterclass seminar in order to receive the “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector” Diploma. You need to achieve at least 60% of the correct answers in order to successfully pass the Knowledge Check.

Masterclass Seminar Location

All Masterclass seminars will take place in four star venues in Berlin, Germany

  • Inscription fee for public administration: 7900,- Euro excl. German VAT(19%)
  • Inscription fee for participants from other sectors: 8900,- Euro excl. German VAT(19%)

The above price covers the following:

  • Participation in 3 compulsory Masterclass seminars*
  • Participation in 4 optional Masterclass seminars*
  • “Masterclass Audit in the Public Sector” Diploma**
  • Masterclass Presentations, digital version
  • Lunch on all Masterclass training days
  • Refreshments on all Masterclass training days

* Symposia, Conferences and Summer Academies not included
** ECTS-Points not included

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