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The only AI & Blockchain Summit specifically designed for the public sector

AI and Blockchain are revolutionizing the private sphere and with your help, the public sector is next. Spearhead the global public sector's leap into these exciting technologies.

You want to make sure that your organization is staying relevant?
You want to understand how you can optimize your processes with AI and Blockchain?
Then this is definitively the summit for you.

More details
about this event:

This two day summit specifically designed for public institutions around the world will bring leading experts together to discuss two of the most promising new technologies: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

With a focus on use cases and the practical challenges of implementation, this summit offers a unique experience for interested civil servants.

Why attend?

  • Stay up to date: Get relevant insights into the why and how of AI & Blockchain implementation
  • Network with attendees from around the world
  • Gather great insight from our expert speakers
  • All this in the heart of Europe

Who should attend?

Passionate about new technologies like AI and Blockchain?
Thinking about the impact these might have on your organization?
Already using AI or Blockchain and want to exchange ideas?

  • Management (CEO)
  • Heads of IT
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Business Process Optimization (BPO)
  • Strategic Development of the Organization
  • Project Lead Blockchain
  • Project Lead AI

Specifically from:

  • International organizations
  • National ministries (e.g. finance, inner affairs)
  • Regional ministries (e.g. finance, inner affairs)
  • Public and semi-public organizations
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Tech-Cities
  • Startups and private technology firms

Our world-class experts
from the public sector:

Virginia Cram-Martos
Virginia Cram-MartosCEO, Triagularity SàRL & Project Lead for a Blockchain project, Triagularity SàRL & Expert for United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
Prof. Dr. Alexiei Dingli
Prof. Dr. Alexiei DingliHead of AI Department, University of Malta and Malta.Ai Task-Force
Dr. Otto C. Frommelt
Dr. Otto C. FrommeltDirector, National Road Office at the Principality of Liechtenstein
Tadej Gabrijel
Tadej Gabrijele-Government expert, Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Emmanuelle Ganne
Emmanuelle GanneSenior Analyst, World Trade Organization
Kenji Hiramoto
Kenji HiramotoChief Strategist, Government of Japan
Marten Kaevats
Marten KaevatsNational Digital Advisor, Government Office of Estonia
Dr. Alaa Moussawi
Dr. Alaa MoussawiChief Data Scientist, New York City Council
Patrick Pinske
Patrick PinskeTeam Lead Innovative Administration and IT, European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law
Pratheep Ponraj
Pratheep PonrajSenior IT Officer, World Bank Group
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang PrinzVice Chair, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology
Papuna Ugrekhelidze
Papuna UgrekhelidzeChairman, National Agency of Public Registry, Georgia
Franz Weizsäcker
Franz WeizsäckerHead of Blockchain Lab, German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ)
Sindre Wimberger
Sindre WimbergerService Designer, City of Vienna
Peter Zhou
Peter ZhouIT Officer, World Bank Group

Topics and use cases

The future of public administration

The future of the public administration will surely be dominated by an ever increasing use of technology. In this section we will be discussing the following details:

  • What are the ideas of the European Union for the use of AI and Blockchain in the upcoming decades?
  • How will an AI driven public sector look like?
  • What are the ethical implications of this digitalization?
  • Who are the leading public institutions in this field and

Marcella Atzori
Blockchain Consultant, European Parliament and European Commission

Marten Kaevats
National Digital Advisor, Government Office of Estonia

Economic analysis

Specifically in the economic realm with huge data sets, the next wave of digitization will be able to offer drastic effieciency gains.

  • What are use cases in fraud detection and audits?
  • How do you define and combat the issues of an automation in the economic sector?

Kenji Hiramoto
Chief Strategist, Government of Japan

Pratheep Ponraj
AI expert, World Bank Group (TBC)

Process Optimization

The potential for process optimization when digitizing data with the help of AI and Blockchain technologies is immense. In a time of increasing complexity on one side and dwindling budget and personnel on the other side, automization can improve the efficiency drastically:

  • What are areas where process optimization is possible?
  • How can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Natural Language processing (NLP) help in that endeavour?

Kenji Hiramoto
Chief Strategist, Government of Japan

Dr. Alaa Moussawi
Chief Data Scientist, New York City Council (TBC)

Intergovernmental cooperation

As projects are getting more complex and need to involve numerous agencies and organizations simultaneously, governance and project-management is getting increasingly important:

  • What are the challenges in cross-agency project management?
  • Who needs to be involved and and how can the challenges be overcome?

Dr. Otto C. Frommelt
Director, National Road Office at the Principality of Liechtenstein

Emmanuelle Ganne
Senior Analyst, World Trade Organization (TBC)

Data quality and security

At the heart of the functioning of new digital technologies lies data, or more specifically the quality of the data. Without a good organization and quality of data, both AI and Blockchain have a hard time living up to the promise:

  • What are the preconditions in terms of data quality?
  • Which kind of solutions can AI and Blockchain provide to make data more secure?

Papuna Ugrekhelidze
Chairman, National Agency of Public Registry, Georgia


With AI and Blockchain, new types of customer-centric e-government services are possible:

  • How will e-government look in the future?
  • What are current possibilities to offer user friendly governmental services?

Marten Kaevats
National Digital Advisor, Government Office of Estonia

Sindre Wimberger
Service Designer, City of Vienna

Energy efficiency

The climate is changing rapidly for the worse and so every new technology always has to be reflected upon in that light. Will AI and Blockchain help reduce emissions or usher in an even more polluted future?

  • What is the ecological impact of these technologies?
  • Are there use cases that try to address energy efficiency?
  • How can the energy hungry mining process in the Blockchain technology be enhanced?

Tadej Gabrijel
e-Government expert, Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

Technology and privacy

Privacy is one of the hot topics of today. Speficically AI and Blockchain raise new questions concerning privacy, but can also be a helping hand towards achieving greater personal privacy:

  • What are the legal implications concerning privacy?
  • How can high standards in privacy be achieved?

  • In the panel discussion on day 1, these topics will be discussed by our great speakers.
    Virginia Cram-Martos
    Project Lead for a Blockchain project, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

    Dr. Alaa Moussawi
    Chief Data Scientist, New York City Council (TBC)

Terminology and overview

You are unclear about certain technological aspects with AI and Blockchain? This is the right place for you:

  • What are some of the most fundamental terminologies?
  • What are the benefits and what are the current limitations?
  • Which use cases are already live?

Prof. Dr. Alexiei Dingli
Head of, University of Malta and Malta.Ai Task-Force

Virginia Cram-Martos
Project Lead for a Blockchain project, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

Technology for the people

How can we make sure that technology is overcoming biases and not creating new ones? How can we avert a situation where incomprehensible algorithms determin large parts of the life of citizens? What are legal and ethical boundaries that the global society should define?

In the panel discussion on day 2, these topics will be discussed by our great speakers.

About Blockchain summit:


Two seminar tracks.


Two panel discussions.


More than 40 topics.


More than 100 attendees and partners.

The Public Sector Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Summit are the first and unique in the European Public sector to bridge strategic information sharing and cross-industry / PSUs exchange between executives and department heads of each PSUs and solution provider companies.

We will discuss a wide range of 40+ topics within Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, Big data, Automation 4.0, Digital Transformation, Cloud including world-leading business strategies, keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions by senior management of major companies and PSUs listed in each industry. Formal & Informal Meetings can be arranged in advance between the sponsor company and the attendees. 

Held in best business venues around Germany, it offers numerous opportunities for networking and exchanges and is carefully structured to enable the latest trends in each Tech industry and information exchange between companies to be carried out effectively.

  • We offer a wide range of sponsorship packages to suit your requirements.
  • Keynote speaking for 45min time slot - We Provide an exclusive platform to our sponsors to address key issues and changes directly to modern decision-makers
  • Formal and informal opportunities create the ultimate meeting point for modern decision-makers.
  • 360° Branding, Exhibition and Promotion to your solutions.
  • An experienced event management team dedicated to facilitating your company’s meetings and maximizing your exposure to the entire attending delegation
  • All meals and networking activities allowing you to grow your network of contacts organically
  • Access to premium event content, exclusive presentations, interactive panels and all summit proceedings

To get a copy of our sponsorship brochure including a full list of packages and benefits on offer - or to discuss a custom package tailored specifically to you – please get in touch with

Himanshu Paliwal
Head of Partnership Relation
Phone: +49 (0)171 91 61 365


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