International Conference Communications Congress for Research & Higher Education Institution


Communication in an Era of Instability, Fake news and Disinformation Strategic Communications Congress for Research & Higher Education Institutions: Agile Communications, Social Media & Ranking

University League Table • Reputation Management • International Communications & Press The past years has brought unparalleled growth and disruption to the higher education sector. The pace, volume and demand continue to rise from strategic communication management, brand growth to marketing shifts in reputation management. This involves a good strategic and well-resourced approach to build and maintain strong brands, achieve enrollment and fundraising success, improve competitive positioning, and maintain financial strength.

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about this event:

Strategic and Responsive Communication and Branding for a Strong Reputation
This annual congress will provide you with a variety of diverse insights, inputs and experiences on moving towards a globally integrated collaborative brand experience and communication system by selected practitioners from international, European and national organisations. An array of case studies and best practices will enable you to significantly advance and professionalise your knowledge on the vital area of communication.

*Kindly Note: Delegates can choose their preferred thematic track on Day 1 and Day 2*

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • What makes communications different for HEI and Research Institutions?
  • What risks and challenges do HEI institutions face when it comes to reputation and branding?
  • What are the creative ways of communicating research?
  • How does a strategic communication campaign look like?
  • How do you strategically use social media?
  • How effective is your communication towards potential students?
  • What measures are important to build a long term reputation management strategy that serves in a crisis situation?
  • What role do internal stakeholders play in building an external reputation?
  • What is international communication and how to reach out to global news agencies?
  • How to create Instagram stories, Podcasts and documentary clips with the existing tools and resources at your institution?

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Departments or Units, Spokespersons, PR and Communication Officers, Communication Coordinators, Advisors, Chief Specialists, Crises and Risk Managers and other members of staff in departments such as:

  • Public Relations / Affairs
  • Communication / Press Office
  • Information Office
  • Internal and External Communication
  • External Relations
  • Marketing
  • PR & Media
  • Media Content
  • Web Content Management
  • Online and Social Media
  • Digital Communication
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Administration
  • Legal Affairs
  • Technology
  • Innovation and Strategy