Public-Private Sector ConferenceCIO Forum 2020

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CIO Public-Private Sector ForumExplore technology, insights and trends shaping the future of IT and business

Explore technology, insights, and trends shaping the future of IT in public and private organizations. During these challenging times, quick thinking and risk-taking are key characteristics of today's CIO. It is a time for leadership strategies that will produce real business value. The role of IT in the organization is becoming even more critical to achieving success, once again positioning the CIO as the catalyst for change. These times pose the greatest possible test of leadership as CIOs must face difficult decisions such as whether they should focus on cost containment, get their operations and governance in order, or press ahead into Digital Transformation and new-found opportunities. One thing is certain; standing still is not an option.

In the midst of this evolution, the CIO continues to seek ground-breaking technologies that will positively impact the bottom line and solution providers need to position themselves at those precise IT investment hot-spots to reap the benefits. Modern CIOs will only respond and commit to IT solutions and strategies that drive business innovation and growth. The inaugural delivers the ultimate point of reference for Europe's most imminent CIOs, IT directors, and Technology Leaders. This summit will highlight the profession's current challenges and opportunities, through visionary keynote presentations and case studies delivered by your most esteemed peers and thought leaders in CIOs community.

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about this event:

  • The Modern CIOs: Redefining the CIO-Business Relationship
  • Commanding Voices: New Conversations at the Height of Leadership
  • Augmenting the People on Machine Pathways Braving the Incoming Data Storm
  • Commercial Minds: Breaking Free from Insular Innovation
  • Not if But When: The Ready State of Cyber-Security
  • Power in Balance: Exercising Influence in the Consumer Age
  • Returns not Rhetoric: Demystifying the Digital Landscape
  • New Business Models
  • Cost Optimization
  • Digital Leadership
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Change Management
  • Disruptive Digital Strategies
  • Moving From Projects to Products

Key Topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • European Cybersecurity Framework
  • ePrivacy Regulation
  • Smart Gov & City
  • Cloud Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Identity
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Future citizen-centric services
  • GDPR and Privacy.
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Data Centre
  • Data Culture
  • Data governance and Analytics

Scaling and redefining Digital Leadership.
The Continuous Next has arrived.

There is an incoming data storm, and CIOs are at the helm. Empowered as captains of change, CIOs are assuming immense responsibility to steer their organisations through a turbulent social, political and technological landscape. Digital leaders have never been better positioned to influence consumer and business outcomes.

Celebrating 2020 CIOs, the CIO Forum is a prestigious event that congregates the most esteemed CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and IT Directors from all sectors of the national economy. Uniting the nation’s premier strategists, it is the optimal platform from which to realise the promise of future technology and unlock the competitive edge to lead and succeed in 2020.

  • Learn from the exemplary workplace practices of the world’s highest-performing companies.
  • Discover first-hand experiences on new approaches, differentiators and concepts from premier IT thought-leaders. Acquire actionable insights for your business in a changed & consumer-led world.
  • Gain forward insight on advanced analytic and security imperatives.
  • Network with a premium audience of your peers, Where Public IT Leaders talk to Private IT Leaders in a five-star environment.
  • Discover what the future holds for CIO.
  • Define your CIO leadership Become a proactive and strategic business partner — shape culture, generate revenue and drive value.
  • Get pragmatic next steps that will accelerate implementation and outcomes. Identify and engage intellectual capital and draw on disparate networks of knowledge.
  • CIO Forum 2020 will give you the inspiration, leadership skills and strategic ideas you need to shift your priorities and focus on the demands of today’s “new normal.”

Who is this Forum for?

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Director, Digital Services
  • Director, Digital Transformation
  • Director eGovernment
  • Head, IT, Cyber, Data Security & Governance
  • Head of Applications
  • Head of Products
  • Head of IT Projects
  • Head of Digital ID
  • Director, E-Learning & IT Services
  • General Managers IT
  • IT Directors
  • Assistant Directors
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Our 2020 CIOs, CTOs also Cyber/IT/Data Security, Data/Cloud Management, Digital Transformation, AI, Blockchain Expert & Potential Speakers* including our previous speakers list.

Tadej Gabrijel
Tadej Gabrijele-Government expert, Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Martin  Peuker
Martin PeukerCIO, Charité
Klaus Straub
Klaus StraubCIO, BMW Group
Event:CIO Public-Private Sector Forum
Period:13.05.2020 - 15.05.2020
Venue:Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Price:978.00* till 28.02.2020 Only Day 1 Price for all delegates
1489.00* till 28.02.2020 3 Days Price for public institutions
1989.00* till 28.02.2020 3 Days Price for private companies
Booking number:K-275
Customer contact:Himanshu Paliwal
+49 (0)17 19 16 136 - 5
*All Prices are in Euro and excluding VAT (19 %).
We respect privacy and use your information
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Best Practice: IT Governance
Ensuring value delivery, measuring performance and monitoring accountability with New EU SOX.
Presentation: Talent Management

Acquiring, building, and retaining a winning IT team. Effective management strategies to retain high-value employees.

Best Practice: Green IT

Driving Eco-Responsibility in the enterprise while constructing a cost-efficient IT business architecture also Establishing ROI on Green Initiatives to ensure long term sustainable resource consumption while improving productivity.

Case Study: IT Automation

Generating a seamless IT workflow by optimising IT structure through virtualisation technology.

Best Practice: Cyber and IT Security

Fortifying network security to guard data, critical assets, and protect the Govt and business.

Best Practice: Managing IT During these Challenging Times

Strategies to increase productivity and improve strategic resource allocation.

Best Practice: Enabling interoperability
Reassessing the regulatory framework to enhance cross-sectional information exchange between government agencies
Presentation: The Modern CIOs

Driving company-wide innovation and acceleratingbusiness projects that deliver rapid competitive advantage.Strategically conveying the value of IT through effective communication.

Best Practice: IT-Business Convergence
The ultimate merging of technology capabilities with business strategy.
Case Study: Investment & Cost Management
Operating efficiently at lower costs and higher service levels through optimal IT investment.

Exclusive partner:

IT Strategic Day focus will on

  • IT Leadership & Tomorrow challenges
  • + 2 Panel Discussions
  • + 10 keynotes with various case studies
Track 1

Digital Leadership Summit (DE)

Propel your organization to the 21st century and become a digital leader in the public sector. In this two day intensive workshop you will enhance your skills to successfully carry out digitalization projects and establish a true digital culture in your organization. Become the digital changemaker your organization needs.

Track 2

Artificial Intelligence, Automation 4.0 and Robotic Summit (EN)

2 Days Intelligent Automation summit will focus on Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Integration.

Track 3

Data Protection Summit (DE)

Two years into GDPR but questions still linger. Are you ready for when disaster strikes? Our leading experts from the German public sector will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge to master all future challenges.

Track 4

Lawful Digital Communication (DE)

Have you opened all necessary digital channels to communicate with German courts? Do you know, which documents you have to sign electronically? Get firsthand insights into all legal requirements to communicate with German courts.

Track 5

Automation 4.0 and Robotic Process Automation Summit (DE)

2 Days Intelligent Automation summit will focus on Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Integration.

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  • Expansion of your network due to diverse networking opportunities
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We’re happy to share some highlights of our last year’s CIO Forum.

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