International Conference Implementing Intelligent Automation Integration in Practice


Processes and Process Chains · Organization, Talents, and Employees · Automation with and without RPA

The successful digitalisation of a company has a decisive influence on its competitiveness. It can even affect its market value. There is a consensus that all companies have to digitalise and implement intelligent automation to boost their processes. But how to implement it successfully? In theory, smart automation is simple. Many conferences discuss the technological side of it and celebrate the "art of the possible." Technical solutions (like RPA, AI, machine learning, data science) and their combination promise better customer involvement, higher customer satisfaction, speed & efficiency gains, cost savings, but also the empowerment of employees. Some solution providers even hint at the possibility of end-to-end automation (machine-to-machine communication). But what about the practice of the implementation of what is "technically possible"?

This 2-day event is part of the unique CIO Forum.

More details
about this event:

Quite a few smart automation projects in private companies, the critical infrastructure, and governmental agencies fail. The technically demanding transfer of the "art of the possible" into practice is only one of the reasons for this. The success of implementation depends on an accurate understanding of the processes and process chains that need to be optimized. It is also heavily influenced by the strategies chosen on organizational and department levels in terms of implementation and scalability. The buy-in of the employees can have a decisive impact on its success as well. Our conference will discuss the practical implementation of smart automation & AI and focus not only on the technological side of it but also on the processes and people and, in doing so, add an outcome-oriented perspective to the discussion. The main focus will be on case studies and presentations, discussion groups, and workshops from the user side. "Taboo-" and "Epic Fails-sessions" under the Chatham-House Rule will allow the participants to speak freely about challenges and the following topics:
  • Implementation strategies and scalability
  • Smart automation: Business process automation or end in itself?
  • Process mapping and implementation of intelligent automation in practice
  • Process mapping vs. process mining
  • The convergence of automation and data strategy
  • Organization of implementation at Group and company level
  • Collaboration between IT and the process owners
  • Change management and digital leadership and employees' buy-in
  • Technology and talent: Trade-offs
  • RPA and Next-Generation RPA
  • Bridging technologies: Chatbots
  • Combination of RPA and AI
  • Intelligent automation without RPA: Machine learning, cognitive computing, data science, Office 365 (Power Automate)
  • IT security and data protection
  • End-to-end automation

Your benefits

  • Benefit from a focus on case studies on the implementation of intelligent automation and the actual results.
  • Exchange ideas in roundtables and workshops under the "Chatham House Rule": Use our "Taboo-" and "Epic Fails-Sessions" and our “Digitalisation Failure Night” for an open dialogue about the challenges of digitalisation.
  • Benefit from different perspectives on smart automation: The departments (Finance, HR, Procurement, Legal, Customer Service), IT, central IT (shared services) discuss the pros and cons of department-driven, IT-controlled, and centrally guided intelligent automation projects.
  • Learn from Case studies from a wide range of international and European companies, the critical infrastructure and the intelligence sector, (which has to meet specific requirements concerning IT security and data protection).
  • Find the right solution providers and in the correct dosage: Limited number of solution provider presentations, carefully pre-checked and without celebrations of the "art-of-the-possible."
  • Get to know the Berlin AI start-up scene better and benefit from the latest research and product developments from Germany's AI hub

Who is this international conference for?

CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs as well as Heads of Department, managers and senior staff from the following departments:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • HT
  • Legal
  • Procurement
  • Customer service
  • IT
  • IT Security
  • Data protection
  • Compliance

From organizations like:

  • Private companies (especially banks, insurance companies, energy providers, manufacturing companies)
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Governmental agencies and public companies

Our experts team
from practice for this event:

Victor Chiesa Reuter
Victor Chiesa Reuter Customer Engagement Director, AkzoNobel
Sara Geising-Eggers
Sara Geising-EggersHead of Process Transformation EMEA, OLYMPUS EUROPA
Alexander Handke
Alexander HandkeProjektmanagement Europe, Middle East, Africa (SO/RP-EMEA), Bosch Service Solutions GmbH
Stefan Hassmann
Stefan HassmannService Owner Process Automation, Continental
Marek Kaminski
Marek KaminskiHead of Robotization & Innovation Division, Bank Millennium
Samir Kazi
Samir KaziGlobal Process Expert, Clariant
Martin Kunze
Martin KunzeHead of Process Excellence and Robotics Process Automation APAC, The Linde Group
Vartul Mittal
Vartul MittalDesignation - Technology & Innovation Specialist, Formerly - IBM, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Coca Cola
Berndt Müller
Berndt MüllerChair and Director AISB, Senior Lecturer at Swansea University, Expert Advisor to the Welsh Government, AISB (The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour)
Dmitry Popov
Dmitry PopovGlobal Service Manager, MANN+HUMMEL
Dr Oliver Recklies
Dr Oliver ReckliesSenior Vice President Finance, DZB BANK
Dr Edward Renger
Dr Edward RengerHead of Outsourcing Management, AXA Konzern AG
Alexander Sack
Alexander SackProgram Manager/Co-Lead FINANCE 4 DB Program, Deutsche Bahn
Sara Spedicato
Sara SpedicatoHead of Finance Department Germany and Austria, Zambon
Patrik Spreitzer
Patrik SpreitzerGlobal Operations Coordinator Quality and Business, Bosch Service Solutions GmbH
Nadine Umstätter
Nadine UmstätterSenior Projektsteuerung/Koordinatorin CoE RPA Finance 4 DB, Deutsche Bahn
Mark Wilson
Mark WilsonHead of Data Governance, Handelsbanken
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