European Conference New Perspectives For: Reinforced Financial Control Requirements, Preventing Irregularities, Anti-Fraud, Digitalisation & Performance Audit in 2021-2027


EU Funded Projects • Financial Liabilities • Programming Period 2021-2027 • Digitalisation The Current Period And The New Period

Three Days – Two Seminars – Two Workshops: this Spring the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law brings together public sector experts from all over Europe to gain in-depth insights into challenges coming up with the new Programming Period 2021 - 2027.

What will you learn at this European Conference?

  • Comparative analysis and lessons learned between the current period and the new period
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence as new approaches instruments for audit and verifications
  • Professional Risk Management focused on a smarter and more social, connected Europe, that would like to become carbon-free and closer to its citizens.
  • The setup and maintenance of an effective and proportionate Anti Fraud Cycle
  • Irregularities in Public Procurement
  • How performance audits for ESIF are conducted
  • What is the ECA's approach to performance audit
  • What are the guidelines for irregularities in the new programming period 2021-2027
  • How to identify irregularities and distinguish them from clerical, technical errors and fraud cases
  • How to conduct corrective actions in practice
  • What are the consequences for a Member State when not complying with its obligations in regard to handling irregularities

Who is this seminar for?

This is a must-attend event for public officials such as Directors, Heads of Units, Managers, Auditors and other experts dealing with the management, certification and control of all EU Funds, especially from:

  • Managing Authorities
  • Certifying Authorities and Bodies
  • Audit Authorities
  • Intermediate Bodies
  • Paying Agencies
  • National Public Authorities
  • Regional and Local Governments, Municipalities
  • National and Regional Courts of Auditors
  • National and Regional Development Agencies
  • Public Banks and Private Banks
  • Beneficiaries of EU Funds
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Our team of experts
for this event:

Guido Fara
Guido FaraAuditor, European Court of Auditors
Jo  Kremers
Jo KremersFormer Senior Audit Manager, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
Grzegorz  Orawiec
Grzegorz OrawiecPresident of the Board, Centre for Business Promotion in Sandomierz (Poland)
Nataša Prah
Nataša PrahHead of Unit, Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
Kaur Siruli
Kaur SiruliHead, Ministry of Finance, Estonia