Summer Academy Preventing Fraud and Corruption in the Public Sector

22.08.2023 - 24.08.2023

Seminar for the Public Sector Preventing Fraud and Corruption

Fraud and corruption in the public sector heavily harm the economy, lower investment levels and negatively impact public finances. Public institutions are particularly vulnerable to fraud and corruption, since damages caused can be enormous, ranging from financial loss to reduction of organisational performance, reputation, credibility and public confidence.
Event:Preventing Fraud and Corruption in the Public Sector
Period:22.08.2023 - 24.08.2023
3 Days, whole day
Venue:4-Star-Hotel in Nice, France
2889,– till 22.06.2023 Early Booking
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We deepen your knowledge

  • How can my organisation implement the fraud risk management cycle?
  • Identifying and managing the causes of fraud
  • Developing an anti-corruption culture for your organisation
  • What instruments work best in tackling fraud and corruption?
  • Applying investigative techniques in fraud and corruption cases
  • What are adequate response measures?

Who is this seminar for?

Practitioners fighting fraud and corruption in the public sector from institutions such as:

  • International, national and regional public institutions and organisations
  • National and international agencies for international aid and development, economic cooperation
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • All central level public authorities such as ministries and executive agencies
  • All public authorities on regional and local level as well as municipalities
  • National and regional Courts of Auditors
  • Corruption prevention and combating bureaus
  • National inspection boards