Capacity Building Workshop Participative Leadership and Innovation Management in the Public Sector


How to remain organizationally ready and effective? Co-Creation, Collective Problem-Solving and Leadership Development

Global challenges such as climate change, migration, digitalisation and demographic change, as well as financial scarcity create pressures for innovation and adaptation. Meanwhile, innovation is often designed and managed from top-down in the public sector. This can limit the creative input for outcomes and diminish acceptance and ultimately the effectiveness of your organisation.

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about this event:

Tap in Collective Intelligence for Effectiveness and Acceptance
Regardless of where you want to drive sustainable change or innovation – in a team, department, or with stakeholders – tapping in collective intelligence allows for effective co-creation of strategies, action plans and policies. You may also bring your team in order to make maximal use of this unique coaching experience. This workshop will facilitate hands-on learnings and empower you to apply a toolkit for participative leadership including:

  • “Art of Hosting” – Principles and methods (World Café, Pro Action Café, Open Space, Storytelling etc.)
  • Introduction into Communities of Practice (CoP)
  • Dialogue based change and innovation processes
  • Process design for sustainable change

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • How can you use communities of practice to facilitate solution-oriented knowledge exchange between stakeholders?
  • How can you design change and innovation processes inclusively from within your organisation?
  • How can you develop a leadership model that empowers staff to follow a commonly designed vision and strategy?
  • How can you create a process culture which enables both, strategic as well as hands-on and applicable outcomes?
  • How can you tap in the collective intelligence of staff and other stakeholders?
  • How to reshape processes through collaborative tools such as Art of Hosting and Communities of Practice?
  • How to create sustainable change by facilitating optimal outcomes and acceptance?
  • Which factors determine the success of co-creation in your organisation?

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Units, Line Managers and Staff leading change and innovation processes within their scope of responsibility from:

  • International Organisations
  • European Agencies and Institutions
  • National and Regional Ministries
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Public Companies

Our experts team
from practice for this event:

Ursula Hillbrand
Ursula HillbrandStrategic Process Designer and Founder of Salonhosting, Former Process Innovator at Secretariat-General, European Commission, Art of Hosting Salonhosting