European Seminar Defence and Security Procurement


Defence and Security Procurement remains one of the most challenging procurement fields within the public sector Defence and Security Procurement

Regulatory Framework – Collaborative Procurement – Article 346 TFEU Defence and security procurements are in many ways different from ordinary procurements. The defence market is fundamentally fragmented and the choice of suppliers is fairly limited. At the same time, public authorities are obliged to follow European and domestic procurement procedures that demand them to publicise call for tenders and choose among several bidders.

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about this event:

Make sure your organisation receives the best value for money, while protecting your security interests
This seminar aims to provide a thorough insight into the main challenges of public procurement in the security and defence context and how to tackle them in practice. Our speakers will elaborate on the scope of exemptions and how to apply them in a legally correct manner. The seminar will be facilitated by workshops and lessons learned cases that equip your organisation for tackling challenges.

  • Receive the latest overview of the main elements of the current security and defence procurement legislation
  • Learn how to set up successful procurement strategies and processes that meet the needs of your organisation

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • How to involve industry prior to the launch of the procedures/purchases, e.g. through market research
  • How to differentiate between purchases for civilian versus military use in legally correct manner
  • How to ensure quality by choosing the correct awarding and evaluation criteria
  • How to choose between different procurement regimes
  • How to apply exemptions in a legally correct manner and avoid infringement procedures
  • How to protect the Member States’ security interests in public procurement – Article 346 TFEU
  • How to prevent corruption and unethical behaviour
  • How to prevent security risks, irregularities and fraud in tendering procedures
  • How to conduct joint procurements most effectively
  • How to calculate life-cycle cost in defence acquisition

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Units or Departments as well as other experts and specialists dealing with security and defence procurement or planning especially from:

  • Ministries of Defence
  • National and Central Procurement and Purchasing Agencies in the Defence Sector
  • National and European Defence Agencies
  • Police Forces and Authorities
  • International Security and Defence Organisations
  • Armed Forces
  • Border Guards
  • Sea and Airports
  • Other public bodies responsible for security and defence procurement