Practical Seminar Preparing for Audits in EU Development Cooperation Projects and Humanitarian Aid Funding


Professional preparation for external audits can make the difference between keeping or losing your funding

In order to cooperate successfully with the EC and to benefit from the external cooperation funds, grantees and contractors have to follow a multitude of administrative regulations and audit requirements. From the proposal phase until after project closure, guidelines for audits as well as for expenditure verifications need to be meticulously followed. Otherwise, audit findings can become a substantial risk.

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about this event:

Get Your Organisation Audit-Proof and Secure Your Funding
Selected experts will provide you with the necessary knowledge on how to comply with audit requirements and how to prepare best for audits and expenditure verifications. Expert inputs and interactive workshops will ensure sustainable learnings.

Our selected speakers will focus on:

  • Contractual requirements including cost eligibility
  • How to prepare for audits and expenditure verifications
  • Defining objectives and approaches of audits
  • How to minimise the risk of potential findings

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • What are auditors’ expectations vis-à-vis project beneficiaries?
  • How to manage and implement projects according to EU regulations?
  • How to implement audit requirements in projects?
  • How to conduct risk analysis and risk assessment in the pre-audit stage?
  • What are the beneficiaries’ common mistakes in project management and evaluation?
  • How to implement PRAG Rules and Procedures?
  • How to best implement audit recommendations?
  • How to comply with the new PAGODA requirements?
  • What are the most important contractual requirements for documentation and records keeping?
  • How to apply requirements of the European Commission and Audit Authorities on accounting, bookkeeping and verification?

Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals in the Public, Private and NGO sector handling projects funded by EU external cooperation programmes such as IPA, ENI, DCI, EDF and other EU External Cooperation Programmes
  • Professionals in the Public, Private and NGO sector involved in managing audits of other Programmes and Projects such as EDF, ECHO, EC Framework Contracts and Bilateral Development Cooperation
  • Institutions involved in external and development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects and programmes funded by the European Commission and the Member States
  • Development Agencies using IPA, ENI, DCI, EDF and bilateral funds
  • Development Banks
  • Private audit companies serving EU beneficiary projects
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