Practical Seminar Project & Programme Cycle Management in Development Cooperation Projects


Project Cycle Management’s importance cannot be overemphasized

To be effective and efficient each step – from project initiation to execution – must be well planned and implemented. Having the right tools and knowledge to ensure the availability of relevant information to all stakeholders is crucial. Many donor organisations have their own philosophies and learning how to work with them while creating the best value for resources can determine the extent to which your eligibility for receiving funds can be sustained.

More details
about this event:

Sustain your organisation’s eligibility for receiving funding through effective Project Cycle Management
Our well-vetted experts will provide you with the necessary knowledge on how to comply with Project Requirements. You will also learn to use new and innovative tools aimed at helping you succeed in all stages of the Project Life Cycle.

Our selected speakers will focus on:

  • The phases of PCM (Project Cycle Management)
  • Logical Framework Approach
  • Impact Orientation – Managing for Development Results
  • Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • PM+E in development organizations

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • How to implement PCM and LFA in your daily work
  • How does the Logical Frame Approach fit with PCM?
  • How to make sure that your project meets your donors' objectives
  • How to identify, consult and involve the key stakeholders in all phases of your project
  • How to produce good quality key documents in each phase
  • Applying the 7 steps of Logical Frame Approach (LFA)

Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals in the Public, Private and NGO sector handling projects funded by EU external cooperation programmes such as IPA, ENI, DCI, EDF and other EU External Cooperation Programmes
  • Professionals in the Public, Private and NGO sector involved in managing audits of other Programmes and Projects such as EDF, ECHO, EC Framework Contracts and Bilateral Development Cooperation
  • Institutions involved in external and development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects and programmes funded by the European Commission and the Member States
  • Development Agencies using IPA, ENI, DCI, EDF and bilateral funds
  • Development Banks
  • Private audit companies serving EU beneficiary projects