Practical Seminar Managing Implementation Partners in International Cooperation


Implementation Between Audit-Preparedness, Value for Money and Capacity Building · Audit-Preparedness · Capacity Building · Risk and Capacity Assessments

International Organisations receive funding from major donors which binds them to strict eligibility criteria, creating a need to assess partners and their risks but also ensuring an audit-proof implementation. Moreover, implementation partners (IP) must provide value for money reflected by performance indicators. Sustainable impact, resilience and building capacities are key for successful cooperation with your partners.

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about this event:

Efficient, Sustainable and Effective Implementation
Our Seminar provides insights on all key aspects of successful implementation, also creating a platform for professional exchange with experienced practitioners from International Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations. Our speakers will share their tools as well as best practice examples for capacity building, thus ensuring an optimal implementation of inputs to your own challenges and allowing you to maximise your learnings and value obtained.

  • How to Build Your Toolkit for Assessing Partner-Related Risks and Capacities?
  • Implementing Through 3rd Parties – Exemplary Cases and Group Work
  • Efficient and Effective Implementation versus Sustainable Capacity Building

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • How to identify different roles and cooperation forms of Implementation Partners (IP)
  • How can IPs be systematically assessed in terms of risks and capacities
  • How to build your toolkit for partner assessments
  • Which standards and processes need to be in place with your IPs
  • How to strengthen capacities systematically
  • How to monitor implementation through your partners
  • How to design contracts in order to minimise your risks

Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals in the Public, Private and NGO sector involved in the implementation, audit management and administration of Development Cooperation Programmes and Projects by 3rd parties
  • Development Agencies using IPA, ENI, DCI, EDF and bilateral funds
  • Development Banks
  • Private companies executing contracts for IPA, ENI, DCI and EDF funded projects
  • Consultants advising beneficiaries of EU, multi- and bilateral external cooperation funding
  • Private audit companies serving EU beneficiary projects