International Practical Seminar Management of Psychosocial Risks in Public Institutions and International Organisations


Managing Risks Both for Staff and Employers Prevention • Strategy Implementation • Work Reintegration • Evaluation

Health-related absences in public institutions are increasing, reaching a staggering 80 million working days lost last year in Europe. This poses a huge challenge to public and private employers alike. While the employees' resilience needs to be fostered, public institutions also have to ensure the organisation's effectiveness. Psychosocial risks are common to every employer. However, in the public sector, mental health responsibles need to navigate a variety of challenges.

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about this event:

Grow Together Through a Healthy and Managed Environment
In our seminar, we create a platform empowering you to successfully manage psychosocial risks in your organisation. Best practices from frontrunner institutions give key insights on how to measure, prevent and manage psychosocial risks supporting both your employees and the resilience of your organisation. This unique combination enables you to identify and tackle mental-health hazards allowing an improved and balanced work-life environment.

  • How to prevent psychosocial issues in my organisation?
  • How to manage psychosocial risks effectively?
  • How to promote mental health and wellbeing?
  • How to implement effective psychosocial risk management and evaluation strategies?

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • What are the latest developments in preventing and managing psychosocial risks in public institutions and international organizations?
  • What are the main challenges in managing psychosocial risks and how to meet them?
  • What are effective early interventions in psychosocial issues at work?
  • What are the risk factors in the area of psychosocial issues and what are proven risk management strategies?
  • How to raise awareness of psychosocial issues and ensure management support for mental health actions?
  • How to guarantee successful work reintegration after long-term employee absence
  • How to implement effective mental health evaluation and management systems

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Human Resources, Staff Welfare Officers, Medical Advisors, Experts, Managers, and other members of staff responsible for the promotion of mental health at the workplace from:

  • European Agencies and Institutions
  • International Organisations
  • National and Regional Ministries
  • Executive Agencies
  • Police Force and Fire Brigade
  • City Councils & Communities
  • Public Companies
  • Central Banks, Public Banks
  • Public Health Services and Hospitals
  • Workers’ Unions
  • Health Insurance Providers