International Seminar Crisis Communication in Public Institutions and Organisations


Effective Online Crisis Communication: A Massive Challenge for your Institution Strategies · Evaluation · Social Media

Many communication departments in public institutions and companies are increasingly facing crises. In order to be able to communicate quickly in times of crises, a professional presence on social media platforms is vital. However, these social media platforms can also be the start of a crisis, for example, in the case of shitstorms.

This 2-day event is part of the Communication Days 2020.

More details
about this event:

Get Resilient and Crisis Ready While Improving on Crisis Prevention
Our selected practitioners will showcase real-life examples, practical tips and tools on how to position yourself in the world of online communication. In a variety of interactive sessions and inputs we will focus i.a. on:

  • establishing effective crisis responses and reputational resilience
  • containing an online crisis before traditional media get involved
  • building a strategy for online communication
  • evaluating the effectiveness of communication strategies

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • optimizing the use of online communication channels in a crisis situation
  • preparing for a crisis in terms of capacity building within your team in a structured way
  • investigating communication strategies which help you rebuild trust with your external stakeholders
  • creating emergency strategies for a crisis
  • reacting effectively in case of a crisis; especially on unforeseen emergencies, e.g. fake news, hate speeches or internet troll
  • containing a crisis within the online world
  • evaluating your online crisis communication activities

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Departments or Units, Spokespeople, PR and Communication Officers, Communication Coordinators, Advisors, Chief Specialists, Crises and Risk Managers and other members of staff in departments such as:

  • Public Relations/Affairs/Information
  • Communication
  • Public Diplomacy
  • External and Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Crisis Communication
  • Risk Management

From organisations such as

  • International and European Institutions
  • National and regional public authorities
  • Local public authorities
  • NGOs
  • Associations and foundations
  • Higher education and research institutions
  • Public affairs agencies
  • Public transport companies
  • Consulting companies

Our experts
for this event:

Dr. Paul  Connors
Dr. Paul ConnorsNational Director of Communications, Health Services Executive, Ireland