International SeminarReputation Management in Public Organisations

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A Bad Reputation Can Harm Your Organisaton’s Effectiveness

Public organisations are subject to continuous scrutiny and intense media attention as they are ultimately funded through tax money. Furthermore, public institutions are often suffering from poor and harmful reputation. A negative reputation impedes acceptance for public sector products and services by their stakeholders. A reliable and positive reputation is thus substantial for a public organisation in order to fulfil its very raison d´être.
Event:Reputation Management in Public Organisations
Period:13.05.2020 - 13.05.2020
Venue:**** Hotel at Lake Como, Italy
Price:789.00* Price for 1 day
1589.00* till 14.02.2020 Early Booking Price for 3 days (together with Crisis Communication or Managing Journalists)
Booking number:S-2532
Customer contact:Giacomo Falcon
+49 (0)30 80 20 802 - 2552
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More details
about this event:

This interactive seminar will provide you with a variety of diverse insights, inputs and experiences by selected practitioners from international, European and national organisations. An array of case studies and best practices will enable you to significantly advance and professionalise your reputation management. Our interactive seminar will provide you with in-depth and hands-on insights on the following issues:
  • Assessing and managing reputational risks and opportunities
  • Handling internal and external stakeholders for a strong reputation
  • Professionalise your outreach activities
  • Using pro-active and reactive communication approaches

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • Which specific opportunities and risks exist in public reputation management?
  • How to build long-term relations with internal and external stakeholders
  • How to integrate internal stakeholders for a strong external reputation
  • How to navigate different groups of stakeholders with respect to cross-cultural differences and institutions
  • How to handle factual and non-factual criticism differently
  • How to contain damage and prevent escalation in reputational crises
  • How can success measured in the aftermath of a reputational crisis
  • How to ensure and communicate consistency, accountability and transparency
  • How to maximise your impact with limited resources

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Departments or Units, Spokespeople, PR and Communication Officers, Communication Coordinators, Advisors, Chief Specialists and other staff from:

  • International and European Institutions
  • National and regional public authorities such as ministries, councils, subordinate and regulatory public authorities and agencies
  • Local public authorities such as local governments, municipalities and cities
  • International, regional and national organisations and agencies & NGOs
  • Associations and foundations
  • Higher education and research institutions
  • Public affairs agencies
  • Public transport companies, para-public and corporate entities
  • Consulting companies
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