Practical Seminar Managing Risks and Preventing Irregularities in Public Procurement


The procurement and contract administration processes are prone to risks. Strategies. Effective Mitigation Measures. Remedies

The determination of needs and planning procurements, the development of specifications, the preparation of solicitation documents and call for offers, the evaluation and selection of individuals, contract negotiation, and contract administration inhere pitfalls that even experienced practitioners often trap into. Whether irregularities are internally or externally caused – they seriously impinge on your institution’s performance.

More details
about this event:

In this seminar you will be equipped with the knowledge to improve the performance of your procurement function.
Our experts from a diverse set of public as well as international institutions share their experiences on how they tackle daily challenges that frequently emerge in the procurement process. In our interactive workshops, you will learn how to develop a checklist for the procurement process and to draft a risk management strategy.

  • Save time and money by preventing and managing irregularities in procurement
  • Identifying, monitoring and reporting risks
  • Become more effective in your procurement through gaining a thorough knowledge of common pitfalls

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • How to identify, manage and prevent risks in the public procurement process?

  • Why is risk management a key factor for procurement in your organisation and what benefits will it give to you?

  • How can you set up successful risk management strategies and processes that meet the needs of your organisation?

  • What kind of problems and pitfalls will you encounter when purchasing goods and services?

  • What are effective mitigation measures and how do you implement them in practice?

  • How can you prevent leakage of sensitive information that provides companies with a competitive advantage?

  • How to detect the most common types of fraud and corruption?

  • How to ensure a high return on offers by market participants?

Who is this seminar for?

Procurement Professionals, Risk Managers, Internal and External Auditors, Case Handlers and other professionals responsible for the execution of public procurement in public institutions and organisations such as:

  • European Institutions and Agencies
  • International Organisations and Agencies
  • National and Regional Ministries and their Subordinated Bodies and Agencies
  • Central Procurement and Purchasing Agencies
  • City Councils and Communities
  • Central and Public Banks
  • Defence Procurement Agencies
  • National and Regional Transport
  • Road and Highways Agencies
  • Competition Authorities
  • National and Regional Development Agencies
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