International Conference Professional Market Consultation and Research in Public Procurement


How to overcome the challenges in market consultation

Market consultation and research play an important role in the procurement process. Without this step, organisations only gain a narrow view of the market and risk paying more for goods and services than they normally would. However, in implementing market consultation and research, procurement managers often rely on their own discretion due to the absence of clear directives. Some of the repercussions include the increased probability of infringing the principle of equal treatment.

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Use the full potential of market research
In order to succeed, procurement practitioners need to have a clear picture of what market consultation should actually entail. In this practical seminar, you will learn how to proceed effectively in market consultation. Market research can be a powerful tool to facilitate the effectiveness of follow-up procedures in procurement. It enables procurement officers to choose the optimal method while inviting the most suitable bidders to the formal procurement process.

  • How to develop a strong strategy for market consultation
  • How to conduct market consultation for complex procurements
  • Fraud in Public Procurement - main risks during the pre-tendering stage

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • What are the dos and don’ts in market research?
  • How to approach the right suppliers
  • How to avoid being accused of unequal treatment
  • How to generate interest in your agency as a buyer
  • How to document preliminary market consultation properly
  • How to benefit from market research in further procurement stages
  • What information is allowed to be used in further procurement stages and what needs to be disregarded?
  • How to use the results of market consultation to optimise “downstream” processes
  • What is the difference between market research, competitive dialogue and competitive procedure with negotiation?
  • How to choose the procedure that will best fit the chosen strategy
  • How to develop a sound risk management strategy for market consultation

Who is this seminar for?

Procurement Practitioners, Project Managers, Policy Advisers and other professionals responsible for public procurement in institutions such as:

  • International and European Organisations and Agencies
  • Central Procurement and Purchasing Agencies
  • National and Regional Ministries and their Subordinated Bodies and Agencies
  • Higher Education and Research Institutions
  • Competition Authorities
  • Defence Procurement Agencies
  • City Councils and Communities
  • International and National Agencies for International Aid and Development Cooperation
  • National and Regional Transport, Road and Highways Agencies
  • Other Bodies responsible for public procurement
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