International Seminar Tackling GDPR-challenges in Higher Education & Research Institutions


Current challenges in the GDPR implementation process Current Challenges: GDPR implementation & responsibilities - Data Protection Impact Assessment DPIA - Networking & Workshops

The GDPR imposes compliance risks to institutions and universities throughout the EU. The dynamic context of processing personal data in an academic environment has to be carefully considered. Balancing the contextual integrity of data subjects’ rights and enabling derogations from these rights is amongst the key challenges for universities. In carrying out DPIAs, questions about "when", "how" and "who is responsible?" are still subject to broader discussions.

More details
about this event:

Your benefits:

  • Deepen your knowledge about the GDPR-derogations for scientific research
  • Learn about the practical aspects of a GDPR-implementation in a academic environment
  • Benefit from best practices and case studies from a national Dutch perspective (Code of Conduct) whereby a practical approach has been chosen and developed
  • Get practical tips and tricks and learn what to be aware of
  • Assess potential risks for your organisation and avoid sanctions or reputational damages
  • Meet and connect with your peers
  • What impact does the GDPR have on universities and research institutes?
  • What are the most critical challenges for universities and research institutions in implementing the GDPR?
  • Roles & responsibilities for Data Protection Impact Assessments

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • A practical approach of implementing the GDPR within an academic environment
  • What implication does data protection have in the context of scientific research?
  • How to safeguard measures effectively by addressing responsibilities and demonstrating compliance to the GDPR in academic research?
  • How (and Who) should you implement the GDPR on a practical manner?
  • What major provisions and principles apply for a variety of academic research and how to effectively tackle key challenges?
  • How to balance the conflicting rights to academic freedom and informational self-determination?
  • Lessons learned from the National Code of Conduct for Processing Personal Data in Research (VSNU)

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Chief Data Officers (CDO), Chief Digital Officers, Chief Information Officers (CIO), Data Protection Officers (DPO) and Coordinators, Information Officers, Data Analysts, Managers, Researchers and staff involved in student recruitment, who are responsible for data protection from the following departments:

  • Data Protection
  • Data Compliance
  • Data Integrity
  • Legal
  • IT
  • Audit
  • HR
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Management
  • Resource Management

From the following institutions:

  • Institutions of Higher Education
  • Research Institutes

Our experts team
from practice for this event:

Marie-José Bonthuis
Marie-José BonthuisPrivacy- and IT-Lawyer, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP, Privacy1 / University of Groningen
Marlon Domingus
Marlon DomingusData Protection Officer, CIPP/e, CIPM, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Andreas Schmidt
Andreas SchmidtHead of IT, Office of the Federal President, Germany
Thomas Tscherning
Thomas TscherningAuditor, REVI-IT A/S, Denmark