Online-Seminar ESIF: New Programming Period 2021-2027 & Crisis Management


In 2020, ESIF practitioners will focus on the preparation and setting up of the New Programming Period 2021-2027. The Coronavirus crisis has already presented Europe's first major challenge. That is why rapid mobilisation of funds and internal cooperation has never been more necessary. This webinar encourages the exchange of best practices in a time of crisis. It also equips participants with the major novelties, changes and expectations for the management and control of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

More details
about this event:

In this webinar, participants will be familiarised with the essential practical skills to increase funding absorption and make their ESIF a success. It will also explore how EU Funds Managers can come together in times of crises such as the Coronavirus. Experts and participants will share best practices, national strategies and failures to take better strategic steps in the future. This includes, how to rapidly respond to the crisis internally in your organisations and externally.
  • Take home a set of practical tools that make your every-day work easier, also in times of emergency and crisis
  • The proposed new rules in comparison with the current funding period
  • Expectations for SCOs and FIs
  • Innovative IT Tools for ESIF

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

  • Comparative Analysis and Key Steps for 2021-2027
  • Lessons Learned from 2014-2020
  • COVID 19 – Crisis Management
  • The Application of Simplified Cost Options
  • The intended increased usage of Financial Instruments
  • Programming for FIs in 2021-2027 in practice
  • The increased importance of IT and Digital Tools for managing ESIF and audits

Who is this seminar for?

Members of staff dealing with management, control, monitoring and evaluation of ESI Funds 2014-2020 including Directors, Heads of Units, Managers, Experts, Controllers, Auditors, Officers, Lawyers from:

  • Managing Authorities
  • Intermediate Bodies and other Authorising Bodies
  • Certifying Authorities
  • Audit Authorities
  • Beneficiaries of EU Funds
  • National and Investment Banks, Private Banks
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • National and Regional Courts of Auditors
  • Regional and Local Governments, Municipalities
  • Consulting Companies, Advisory and Audit Services

Our team of experts
for this event:

Helen Anijalg
Helen AnijalgFormer Director, Enterprise Estonia
Per Folkeson
Per FolkesonDesk Officer, Internal Support Unit, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth
Anna  Kanakaki
Anna KanakakiCertified Project Manager (IPMA) and former Senior Programming and Evaluation Expert, Managing Authority, Ministry of Health, Greece
Grzegorz  Orawiec
Grzegorz OrawiecPresident of the Board, Centre for Business Promotion in Sandomierz (Poland)
Louis Vervloet
Louis VervloetGeneral Director, ESF-Agentenschap Vlaanderen / ESF-Agency Flanders