Online Seminar Human Resources in Emergency Situations use the potential and decrease the risk


Analysis • Strategy • Full Potential • Extracting of Success Factor

The success of each organisation depends on its people. Human Resource (HR) plays a crucial role in the success of an institution. Even more so in the times of a crisis. For identifying staffing and processes needs, HR managers must collaborate with the c-level management. Developing, implementing and overusing HR policy and processes to comply with respective law regulations and assure business continuity. At the same time they must take care of safety, fears and uncertainties of their staff. 

More details
about this event:

This webinar will concentrate on analysing institution’s strategy, the status of the personnel, potential, opportunities and threats, as well as developing an effective strategy to combat the difficult situation. This will be then cross-compared with real-life examples for the Extracting of Success Factor; together with expert participants, we will analyse real-life examples of best and worse practices and refer them to their current situation.

What will you learn at this Webinar?

  • effective and timely analysis of the current situation, management’s strategy and the potential of your personnel
  • developing HR strategy in uncertain times
  • a new approach to hiring (focus: online interviews)
  • effective communication with your employees

Who is this webinar for?

This seminar is for Directors, Heads of Units as well as Officers in the following departments and institutions:

  • Human Resources, Human Resources Management
  • Personnel Development, Talent Management, Staffing
  • Career/HR Development, Leadership & Talent Management
  • Strategy & Capacity Building
  • Organisational Learning, Organisational Development
  • Performance & Evaluation
  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • Central Administration, Administrative and Personnel Affairs
  • Executive Management


  • European Agencies and Institutions
  • International Organisations
  • National and Regional Ministries
  • Public Companies
  • Higher Education institutions
  • City Councils & Communities