Online Seminar Personnel Management during Pandemic Organising & Increasing the effectiveness of Home Office


Working during Pandemic · Home Office · Effective Communication · Reporting

During the last weeks work, as we know it, needed to be dramatically reorganised. All institutions, in terms of assuring the health and security of their employers, needed to implement respective measures. One of the most important measure proven to be Remote Working. Employees in quarantine, socially distancing or taking care of their children (forced to stay home) needed to be given the chance to continue working and contributing to the success of the Institution.

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about this event:

Therefore, HR Personnel of all Institutions faced a difficult task of assuring that Remote Work is organised correctly, smoothly and enables effective continuation of all activities.
This webinar is designed to enable the review and confirmation of all crucial legal regulations with an expert from European Public Sector's Institution, analyse and discussion of best practical solutions for remote work with an Expert from Digital Unit of a big international Company and discuss Best Practices with Peers and Experts.

What will you learn at this Webinar?

  • Reviewing most relevant ​Public Sector Legal Regulations for For Remote Working
  • Supporting your Employees in appropriate Home Office Setting (organising your working station, taking care of children, and further)
  • Identifying most effective Digital Communication channels
  • Assuring effective Time Use (work duration and breaks for most productivity)
  • Reporting, Calls-Minutes and Documenting - making sure that no information is being lost

Who is this webinar for?

This seminar is for Directors, Heads of Units as well as Officers in the following departments and institutions:

  • Human Resources, Human Resources Management
  • Personnel Development, Talent Management, Staffing
  • Career/HR Development, Leadership & Talent Management
  • Strategy & Capacity Building
  • Organisational Learning, Organisational Development
  • Performance & Evaluation
  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • Central Administration, Administrative and Personnel Affairs
  • Executive Management


  • European Agencies and Institutions
  • International Organisations
  • National and Regional Ministries
  • Public Companies
  • Higher Education institutions
  • City Councils & Communities