Online Seminar Public Risk & Compliance in Crisis Time


Public institutions have to face an increasing number of complex challenges that require efficient risk and compliance management. This online seminar will focus on such instruments, which can help to minimize financial, political and reputational damage. You will learn how risks can be reduced, organizational culpability can be avoided and protection against legal violations can be designed.

More details
about this event:

  • Methods and measures of public compliance
  • How to reduce risks
  • How to design protecation against legal violations

What will you learn at this Practical Seminar?

Who is this seminar for?

Directors, Heads of Units, Auditors, Controllers, Advisors, Managers, Officers, Audit Experts and other professionals who carry out internal and external audits from:

  • International Organisations
  • European Institutions and Agencies
  • National and Regional Ministries
  • Executive Agencies
  • European Agencies and Institutions
  • International Organisations
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Public Health Services and Hospitals
  • Defense Procurement Agencies
  • Central Banks, Public Banks
  • City Councils & Communities
  • Procurement Agencies from EU Candidate Countries